Fly Inventory is an inventory management app aimed at small businesses and freelancers to allow them to efficiently manage their products. It offers a unique and simple interfaces allowing individuals with minimal knowledge in inventory management to get started


Inventory Management

Create & manage products. Both restockable and non-restockable (e.g. digital) items are supported and can have their stock levels monitored over time. Automatic updates are also applied to products affected by purchase orders, thus creating a more efficient workflow.


Swiftly generate and export PDF reports and financial statements within a few clicks. Examples include:

  • ⦿ Product performance report - outline unit sales for the given year, an overview for performance across different product categories as well as individual breakdowns for each product.
  • ⦿ Income statement - view a breakdown of the finances and profit
  • ⦿ Inventory report - a formal report showcasing the current inventory products, their stock and other important properties

Fly Suite eco-system

Data across all apps in the suite share the same database allowing for data to be synced. Any changes that occur in one app will immediately be displayed in others. For example inventory changes done in Fly Accounting will show up in Fly Inventory. Currently the suite consists of:

  • ⦿ Fly Accounting - a finance management app
  • ⦿ Fly Inventory - an inventory management app