Sentinel is a small surveillance application that allows individuals to monitor the activity of others with consent by collecting keyboard strokes from the user. In other words this application will record everything that the user types, from websites to chat messages. With this you would be able to gain a better insight as to what your machine(s) are being used for and for which reasons thereby empowering you with more control.This would be beneficial for those who:
  • ✔Wish to monitor employee activity within a workplace
  • ✔Wish to monitor activity of their children online
  • ✔Wish to monitor the activity on their personal computer to ensure its not being misused


  • ✔Monitor Key Strokes
  • ✔Take Screenshots at set intervals
  • ✔Monitor Clipboard Content
  • ✔Monitor Running Applications
  • ✔Monitor Removable Drives in The Machine Such as USB Flash Drives
  • ✔Execute in Stealth Mode
  • ✔Launch on Startup
  • ✔Hide from Taskbar
  • ✔Encrypt Logs
  • ✔AutoSave Logs to Machine
  • ✔Password Protect Application to Prevent Unauthorised Access
  • ✔Configure Email to Send Logs
  • ✔Configure a Date at Which the Application Should Automatically Uninstall
  • ✔Automatically Flush Logs to a Pre-Configured USB Upon Inserting


As Keyloggers can be used for malicious purposes, for legal reasons i have added a set of hotkeys that allow for users to change the state of the application. These are as followed:
  • Show Form: [ALT] -SEN -S
  • Force Close: [ALT] -SEN -E
-Fixed an issue which stopped the keystrokes from being logged by the application
-Fixed an Issue Where the Logger Would Not be Enabled When Relaunching the Application
(20/08/2018) (Version:
- Bug Fixes
(12/04/2018) (Version:
- Fixed a Major Bug Regarding The Keylogging Process
- Added More Relevant Information to The "Home"  Tab
(07/04/2018) (Version:
- Added Feature: Encrypt Logs
- Added Feature: Monitor Removable Drives Input
- Added Feature: Automatically Uninstall at a Chosen Date
- Added Feature: Automatically Flush Logs to a Pre-Configured USB
- Added Feature: Overview of Logging Added to the Home Tab
- Fixed a Major Bug
 - Initial Release


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