Vault is a great privacy app for those who are concerned with the level of sensitivity that their files contain. With the rise in malware, it is essential for users to take appropriate measures to maximise the security on their mobile devices. This can be extremely useful for those who have files such as images or even videos that they would like to remain private regardless of who has access to their mobile device. Vault helps to deliver this by encrypting your files thereby meaning that only those who have the appropriate password can access them, keeping unwanted eyes out of your business.



  • ✔ Encrypt Using the Powerful AES algorithm
  • ✔ Securely access your files without compromising or providing a threat to your files -Users have the ability to view/watch/listen to their media files inside the app with some of the viewers that is to offer. (These are still under going testing but are made available to the public)
  • ✔ Export (Decrypt) Files - Have them stored on the device in the original state that they were in. This can only be done if the correct passcode has been entered.
  • ✔ Enter Self-destruct Mode -If for any reason, the user wants to dispose all of the files within their vault permanently, they can enter self-destruct mode which will delete all of the files in the vault. This is irreversible.