In this service you will receive your own desktop application to function on Windows operating systems. Many businesses can benefit from bespoke software, for instance an inventory management system with advanced tracking capabilities which may not be offered by software vendors already or even porting an existing application so that it is able to run on a variety of operating systems. Desktop applications can also be beneficial to individuals such as freelancers who wish to have a program to make their tasks more time-efficient or to overcome a particular problem they may be facing.

I have experience with developing and publishing apps for desktop PC's. Below you will find details of what to expect while working with me.

What's Included

  • Desktop App

    Your very own standalone desktop app.

  • Bug Fixes

    Free updates to resolve any issues with the app.

  • Source Code

    You will get access to all of the source files used to create your app, allowing you to view and make any changes if needed.

  • Support

    Receive support for your app, which will include information to help get you started with configuring your app.

Implementation Process

  • 01


    Involves outlining the requirements for the project.

  • 02


    Involves creating mockups that will be considered for the app.

  • 03


    When the creation of the app will take place. Taking into account ideas obtained from previous stages.

  • 04


    Involves thorough debugging to ensure all features are functioning as expected.

  • 05


    Involves all the required materials to release the app